Daily Booster Wheel disappears from Candy Crush

The Daily Booster Wheel being removed from Candy Crush seemed like a distant possibility yesterday. Today, however, it has become a reality.

Without any fanfare—or even any kind of formal announcement—the Booster Wheel icon that used to be a lovely addition to the main game map (in the corner on mobile devices, at the bottom on Facebook and computers) is gone. It vanished as suddenly as it first appeared mere weeks ago, and there’s no telling whether it’ll ever come back again.

The developers removed the Booster Wheel on their end, so players didn’t have to download or install a new update to send it packing. It simply disappeared on its own.

And since we didn’t do anything to make it go away, there is sadly no way for us to bring it back (i.e., you can’t revert to an older update or anything).

UPDATE: And it’s back again!