Halo Wars 2 PS4 Cheats , Hacks & Codes

Halo Wars 2 PS4 Cheats , Hacks & Codes

Free Reactors (Anders Only)

When playing as Anders, you can find five free reactors. Build one reactor and fill in your base with supply pads. Upgrade the availability pads and gather 2,600 supplies. Recycle 3 heavy supply pads and start to create 3 reactors — then immediately Cryo Bomb your own base. After you reactor level inside the upper right corner goes toward 4 then, stop the 3 reactors from building and recycle them. Your hard earned dollars will probably be returned, as well as the you’ll have your reactor level and 4 reactors.

“The Genuine Winner” Achievement

Look just north of the starting point for any tower with all the level’s Black Box towards the bottom. Down listed here is a door which Adam, a compact child, is trapped behind. Open it by highlighting it and clicking A and clear a route to the transport for him (he drops in a shot, so watch out!) and you’ll have the Achievement.


The Skulls for each amount of Campaign mode is only going to appear after a “kill requirement” is met (e.g. “Kill 100 Grunts”). This requirement shows up for each Skull below, besides the Skull’s location. Apart from the first mission, every one of these Skulls can be found on Easy. Skulls may be activated from your pause menu and every one has an original effect on gameplay (also further down).

1) Alpha Base

Look Daddy Skull // Kill 100 Grunts

Do that one on Heroic or Legendary or there just aren’t enough Grunts to kill. The Skull appears all over the frozen pond from the entrance to Alpha

Halo Wars 2 PS4 Cheats , Hacks & Codes Skulls

The Skulls for every level of Campaign mode will simply appear when a “kill requirement” is met (e.g. “Kill 100 Grunts”). This requirement shows up for each and every Skull below, as well as the Skull’s location. Apart from the first mission, most of these Skulls are available on Easy. Skulls may be activated in the pause menu and every one has a unique influence on gameplay (also further down).

1) Alpha Base

Look Daddy Skull // Kill 100 Grunts

Accomplish this one on Heroic or Legendary or there just aren’t enough Grunts to kill. The Skull appears across the frozen pond in the entrance to Alpha …

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Black Boxes

There is a Black Box hidden in each mission of Campaign Mode. These locations are the following. The remainder Black Boxes can be unlocked by beating Skirmish Mode with each of the 6 leaders (Arbiter, Prophet, Cutter, Brute Chieftan, Forge, and Anders) and by winning a Skirmish match on each Skirmish map. Black Boxes unlock text within the Timeline

1) Alpha Base

This one is under the bridge right before the skirmish outside of the entrance to Alpha Base. Set your cursor on it along with your men will find their way to collect it through the ramp in the side.

2) Relic Approach

You can find multiple power barriers in this level, two with Warthogs behind them, one creating the end of the level beyond the enemy base, then one on the northwest, with the Black Box behind it. Beware the snipers in this area.

3) Relic Interior

Before even entering the giant relic, with the very start of the level, reverse course together with the Grizzly tanks and find a secret path alongside the dwelling. A downed Pelican is by the end, with your Black Box 3.

4) Arcadia City

Move merely a smidge north from the place to start to recover this Black Box. Easy!

5) Arcadia Outskirts

There is a reactor you can capture within the eastern portion of the level — it has a statue next to it. Just west of this is a grassy depression using the Black Box at the bottom. You may grab this safely after establishing basics or two. Grab the reactor while you’re there with many infantry units!

Halo Wars 2 PS4 Cheats , Hacks & Codes

6) Dome of Light

The third Plasma Rhino position can only be reached via pelican drop. Head over there to grab the Black Box too, from the lower point about this isolated area.

7) Scarab

The Black Box is in a pocket similar to that in which you obtain the Skull — in the northeastern-most corner. Surrounding it are numerous, many supply boxes. Score! Go on a fleet of Warthogs to the far right in the map to find it quickly.

8) Anders’s Signal

This box is near the beginning of the level. After carpet bombing the apes and having a Spartan squad, visit the little plateau for the northeast to locate this Black Box. You can collect this just a couple minutes in to the level.

9) The Flood

Head due north in the front hanger door of the base using a swarm of Hornets to locate Black Box 9. It’s across the level at the edge of the map.

10) Shield World

This Black Box is incorporated in the supply stash behind another group of evac-needing troops. It’s within the northwest portion of the map, along the edge.

11) Cleansing

This Box can be found on the side of the hull, due west from the middle of the map. Take a little Hornets to grab it.

12) Repairs

This Black Box is in almost the identical place as 11. Just visit the westernmost section of the map and check out the box on the side of the hull.

13) Beachhead

Once you obtain the 3rd base, and before you decide to enter in the teleporter as much as the 4th, look at the hills to the north of your 3rd base for any Black Box. This particular one are only able to be found with Hornets or Vultures.

14) Reactor

There exists a raised area just west in the starting base. Up what follows is a Black Box within the brush. Make use of a Vulture or Hornet to nab it.

15) Escape

Halo Wars 2 PS4 Cheats , Hacks & Codes This Box is simply by the base site on the north side of the map. It’s actually sitting near for the shielded center structure, right outside. Just follow the side of the central shielded structure using the Interlocks counterclockwise in the first place and you’ll find it much more than halfway around.

Skipping levels in Candy Crush Saga at least mentioned by game developer

The ability to skip a level in Candy Crush is still the only item on my game wishlist, and while I know I’m not alone, it seems that players aren’t the only ones who want the feature too.

At least one developer has gone on record with games.com and admitted that “he would love to see the game implement a level skipping feature.” Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, his suggestion has always been shot down.

But why? King admits that drop-off (i.e., people quitting the game when it becomes either too difficult or too boring) is one of its primary concerns and also notes—with dismay, presumably—that most players never get to see all the new levels developers continue to create.

Being able to skip troublesome levels seems to be an obvious solution to these problems, and even though “some view it as cheating,” it could be extremely profitable. It seems like a win-win-win, really: players would be happy, developers’ work would be appreciated by more people, and King would make even more money (assuming that skipping would cost at least $0.99).

Whether level skipping will ever be added to the game is unknown at this point, but at least someone at King is talking (or has talked) about it. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before the right people start listening.

Candy Crush proves truth in famous Andy Warhol quote

“As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

—Andy Warhol

This famous quote can be applied to many situations in life, even something as trivial as playing a casual game of Candy Crush Saga.

There are some “collect the orders” levels in the game that require a certain number of Color Bombs to be created and used, but of course those are the times when getting a 5-candy match is just short of impossible.

And then there are the levels where making Color Bombs is incredibly effortless. And wouldn’t you know it, those are exactly the times when the sprinkled chocolate balls are almost completely useless!

Take Level 350 (shown here), for example. It’s a jelly level with rows of multi-layered frosting/meringue/whipped cream blocks. Color Bombs don’t do much here. Even when you combine it with another special candy (heck, even when you mix it with itself), there’s still no guarantee that you’ll pass the level.

And that’s probably exactly why they’re so plentiful. You don’t want them, so you get them.

Making 3-5 Color Bombs on this board isn’t uncommon, and yet you’ll still be stuck at Level 350 for a long time.

Damn you, Candy Crush!

10 times when you should quit a level in Candy Crush

Although it’s easy to quit a level in Candy Crush, what’s not so cut-and-dry is when you should actually do it.

If you’ve ever passed a level on your last move, then you might think it’s never too late to get lucky. Unfortunately, sometimes it is. Sometimes there’s just no way to win. Period.

So why waste time fighting a lost cause when you can just quit and start over? It’ll save you time, stop you from getting overly frustrated, give you a sense of control, and keep the game fun.

Here are 10 times when you should quit a level in Candy Crush.

When there’s no way to destroy a candy bomb before it explodes. It doesn’t matter if you have 45 remaining moves; if the bomb is counting down from 7 and you know you can’t get it in your next 7 moves, you will fail the level.
When you don’t have enough remaining moves to fulfill an order. For example, if 10 Color Bombs are requested in a “collect all orders” level, you need at least 20 moves (10 to create them, 10 to use them) to do it. Likewise, if you need a total of 99 blue candies, but you’ve only crushed 30 so far and you have 5 moves left, you’re better off quitting than hoping for an epic candy cascade (and then getting mad when you don’t get it).
When the chocolate gets out of control and prevents new candy from dropping. Although sometimes you can get lucky with a Striped Candy that will clear a chocolate blockage, you’ll know from the candy you have whether it’s possible.
When time is about to run out and you’re nowhere near the target score. Unless you can crush a bunch of +5 candies or set off a Special Candy Combination in the next few seconds, you won’t be hitting that six-figure score you need in that timed level.
When there’s too much jelly left. You may start every new jelly board with optimism, but at some point you realize that the remaining rows of double jellies covered in multiple layers of whipped cream/frosting/meringue just aren’t going to be cleared in your next 10 moves. Rather than make those moves bitterly, knowing how futile your attempt is, hit that quit button and try again.
When the ingredients aren’t dropping. There are a few “collect the ingredients” levels that don’t always seem to play fair. Sometimes you have a bunch of moves left and the board is clear from blockers, but the cherries/nuts you need just don’t appear. There are few things more frustrating in these levels than running out of moves when the needed ingredients aren’t even on the board yet. Quit before you go on a “Candy Crush is so unfair” rampage.
When the ingredients are stuck in no-exit or blocked columns. It’s certainly possible to move an ingredient to an exit column or bust through the blockers that are holding it hostage, but if the board doesn’t let it happen with the amount of moves you have left, then it’s time to start over.
When you have 1 move left. You should usually quit lost causes before you reach this point, but if you happen to lose track of moves and find yourself with a single remaining move, do your mind a favor and quit. Assuming you’re going to lose anyway, you may as well trick yourself into feeling a little better about it by being the one who walked away first.
When you make a catastrophic mistake. As a general rule, you should try to get over mistakes you make quickly and just keep playing. There’s no undo button, so that Color Bomb you could have created or the jelly you could have cleared don’t matter. However, if you’re going to beat yourself up over the error, then you should quit and start over. Otherwise you’ll just ending making more mistakes or having a bad attitude, which is a major killjoy. Similarly, if you’ve done something that completely ruins your chances at passing the level, quit and try again.
When you’re sick of the level you’ve been stuck at for days/weeks. When you feel like you can’t ever pass a particular level, Candy Crush definitely stops being fun. And the more you keep trying, the angrier you become. Since you can get unlimited free lives so easily, you play non-stop and you lose non-stop. But before you let the level beat you down completely, press “quit” and stop playing. Take a break and go back to it later. Even if you still don’t pass it right away, you’ll approach it with a fresher mind and more positive outlook.

There’s no shame in quitting a level in Candy Crush. Just don’t forget to hit “retry” so you can keep trying.

Happy 1st birthday, Candy Crush for mobile devices!

It’s been exactly one year since King launched Candy Crush Saga, which made its debut on Facebook, on mobile devices.

And what an amazing year it’s been. Among other notable stats, the game has been installed more than 500 million times (that’s half a billion) across all platforms and over 150 billion individual games have been played . . . so far!

Company Games Guru Tommy Palm is understandably thrilled by the milestone and promises “even more exciting new Candy Crush Saga content over the coming months, including an exciting new twist to the game.”

Happy birthday, Candy Crush! You have brought us all joy, frustration, and most of all fun. Here’s to another great year!

Candy Crush adds new way to unlock more levels

In a recent update to Candy Crush Saga, the game developers added a new option to unlock more levels: Ask phone contacts.

As its name implies, the method requires that you send a text message to some of your contacts, asking them to help you get to the next episode. There’s a limit of “one help per respondent per level,” so you’ll need to send the plea for help to three different people (which suggests that King is collecting the contact information).

Here’s the automatically generated text message that you’re given:


I’d personally edit in an apology for begging and possibly sharing your friend’s phone number with King, too.

Better yet, skip this option and unlock new episodes yourself.

Some levels in Candy Crush may not be the same for everyone

Even though no two boards are ever alike in Candy Crush, a level’s layout and objective are constant and unchanging.


King has admitted to adjusting the difficulty of the notorious Level 65, which probably wasn’t good news for people who were stuck on it (and possibly paid for boosters) before the change, so maybe it shouldn’t be completely surprising that there may be levels out there with different objectives.

Level 356 is an example of this. For many people (including me), the target is to make/use five Striped Candy + Striped Candy combinations. However, for other people, their task is to create just three of these combinations. And then there’s another group of players who simply have to make/use 10 Striped Candies.

This is hardly fair!

It seems the reason for the awful discrepancy is an update that is apparently not reaching everyone at the same time (or at all). There’s no way to force the change, so at least for right now, just know that there are three different versions of Level 356.

Daily Booster Wheel gives away free Candy Crush boosters every day

UPDATE: Getting a false “no connection” error? You’re not alone!
UPDATE #2: The Booster Wheel is gone! Find out more.
UPDATE #3: And it’s back again!

Candy-crush-booster-wheel (1)

Check your Candy Crush game maps, everyone. A new feature has just been rolled out to mobile devices called the Daily Booster Wheel, and it’s something you’ll definitely want to use.

Tap the newly added pink bubble below the life meter on your map, and you’ll see a spinning wheel full of boosters. One of them can be yours simply by tapping the “Stop!” button. Whether it’s a Coconut Wheel, Color Bomb, Jelly Fish, Lollipop Hammer, Striped + Wrapped Combo, Mystery/Lucky Candy, or a Jackpot, whatever the pointer lands out when the wheel stops spinning is yours to keep and use for free!

Candy-crush-booster-wheel (2)

[Update 11/28: Boosters differ slightly on Facebook]

Here’s me winning the most common item, the Color Bomb:

Candy-crush-booster-wheel (3)

Regardless of what you land on, you just tap the “Claim prize” button and your booster will be available to use at any time.

Not sure how to do this? Find out how to use/activate your free booster.

Candy-crush-booster-wheel (4)

You get one spin per day, so keep on playing!
UPDATE: Getting a false “no connection” error? You’re not alone!
UPDATE #2: The Booster Wheel is gone! Find out more.

Daily Booster Wheel prizes in Candy Crush differ on Facebook and iOS/Android

In addition to having more levels, the Facebook version of Candy Crush also has a slightly different Daily Booster Wheel.

Instead of offering two Color Bombs the way the mobile version of the game does, the wheel has just one of the sprinkled chocolate balls plus the four-fingered jelly hand booster known as the Free Switch. This booster lets players switch two adjacent candies and seems to be exclusive to the game on Facebook/a computer.

I have never seen the Free Switch on Android (I’m currently on Level 366), so I obviously didn’t think it was strange that it was excluded from the Booster Wheel on my device, shown below.


The Jackpot on the Facebook version awards players who land on it 3 Lollipop Hammers, 3 Color Bombs, 3 Lucky Candies, 3 Striped & Wrapped combos, 3 Jelly Fish, 3 Coconut Wheels, and 3 Free Switch hands.

Does this mean the Jackpot on the mobile version includes 6 Color Bombs? I’ve never hit it so I don’t know for sure, but that would seem to make the most sense.

Candy Crush T-shirt offered in pink and yellow

When confessing your chocolate addiction on a T-shirt isn’t enough, it’s time to go all out with this Candy Crush Addict shirt. It’s honest and to the point, leaving no room for questions or uncertainty about your interest in the most downloaded iOS app in 2013.

The shirt can be purchased from My Social Tees in a pink women’s cut for $17 and yellow unisex standard tee for $15.